PHP Oracle extension Vs PHP OCI extension


I had several problems in the last days with PHP (4.3.9) and the OCI extension. The problems are due to bugs certainly, because we have several applications running correctly and other don’t and sometimes the same application stop working and start returning unexpected errors. We have tested almost everything and finally find a solution.

The latest PHP version 4.4.1 solved the problem, we have install it on two boxes a windows 2000 server and a Sun Solaris, but this time with the oracle extension and not the OCI. We have already all codes written for both OCI and Oracle extension, so it saved us lot of time.

In the current time we are monitoring the performance of the new system. For long time I thought that OCI is better than Oracle extension. And no doubt that Wez is making really great effort in that way but in real application we saw that Oracle extension is much performant and more stable. Maybe less buggy too, we didn’t face any strange behaviour excepting with OCI.

I’ll be interested to hear from other experience with Oracle or OCI extensions and performance for the solution. The current application is an sms two way service for a public administration, the services offered are very interesting that traffic is increasing everyday, specially with newspapers talking about … etc. And that’s why the service should be running correctly with 99.99% uptime.